Monday, October 10, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, as I walk through the grocery store or other retailers, I am reminded of my mom (she was one of the many victims of breast cancer).

This month, many of our local stores stock their aisles and end caps with items colored pink, or items bearing a ribbon (the symbol for breast cancer awareness).  It makes me smile to see all of the pink items being stocked - and it's really impressive how many companies now support breast cancer research.  For more information about breast cancer or breast cancer research, please check out or

I think my mom would have been impressed at how much is being done to raise awareness and money for research.  I miss my mother so much - and I wish she could be here to witness all of the amazing improvements that have been made.  I do my best to support those companies and I am reminded that I too, need to make sure I have my mammograms.  I schedule mine around the October time frame - it's a great way to remember to have it done!

As a way of honoring my mom and helping to fund cancer research, a portion of our sales on Etsy this month will be sent to the Susan G Komen Foundation.  Right now we're in the process of creating some new seeded-paper items - of course some will be pink in honor my my mom (love and miss you mom!).

My love and prayers go to all the women fighting breast cancer (and to their families!)! 

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