Monday, October 3, 2011

How do you decide which items to save and which to donate or toss?

So I just finished going through about a bazillion things in my garage and I am now looking at a huge pile of items that I either need to toss, donate, sell, recycle, or upcycle.  I am so torn because most of the things in those piles, are items that I can see lots of possibilities of usage. Oh - and I HATE getting rid of things that I see potential in!!  But I have only a small amount of room for storage - so I have to eliminate something. 

My husband has asked me to promise to not start any more new projects until I finish at least a few of the ones I've started.  I guess I can't blame him since I probably have at least 2 dozen different projects in various stages of completeness (for instance, I'm remodeling my parent's bathroom, I have 8 scrapbook pages that I need to finish journalling in, I have a chair that I'm re-upholstering and it's been half-way finished for 4 years, I'm trying to get Gift Baskets 4 Fun up and running, - and lots of other projects). 

Did I mention that I also work full-time and have a very active 3rd grader?!   How do you balance all that and find time to take on additional projects as well?  I am definitely no super mom!!  But I sure could use some super-mom tips (my personal favorite would be to hire a cleaning service if I had the money - but I don't!).  I would love to hear some suggestions!

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