Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Barnes and Nobles Recycled Paper Basket

I just love it when I find something new created out of old or repurposed items!!  I was shopping at Barnes and Nobles bookstore a few weeks ago and ran into a collection of items made from recycled goods.  I love ALL of them!  

They had baskets/bins made out of recycled newspaper (which was rolled into long thin tubes and then folded into a square/star design) - what an awesome design/look!!   (And it looks GREAT on my bookshelf! - yes I had to have one!!).

They also had some boxes that the fabric was woven with tubes of newspaper.  I liked them, but wasn't as enraptured with them as I was with the baskets.  I still think they are awesome!

And then they had little coin purses which were created from used food wrappers (I got one of these for my stepmomma who is a fiber-artist and loved it!). 

What an awesome collection of items!! Keep it up Barnes and Nobles!


  1. The given examples in this post teaches us that there are so many things that we can do with used paper products like that of old newspapers and packing boxes. The information states here will be helpful to those who want to try 'green' efforts for the environment.

  2. Wow, these are really amazing. What a great way to recycle things. My sister had a similar school project where they used old newspapers in making vases and baskets. It is almost the same principle as that of the woven boxes. Thank you for this post. This certainly will give great ideas to other readers.


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