Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A cheap and simple picture frame re-do

A few of the framed items on my wall, a couple
are still waiting for artwork to be made
I have been re-framing some of my photos and artwork in an attempt to unify and coordinate them.  After doing some research and talking to a few artists, I decided to frame most of my pictures/artwork in frames that are colored "museum black".

Folk Art Pure Black Paint #479
I will admit I did buy a few frames (mostly from my local Goodwill Industries store) - but most of the frames I used were frames I already had.  I simply painted them all black.   I used Folk Art's Pure Black acrylic paint #479.. which is not only inexpensive, but it also looks great on the frames (it's a nice pure black but dries in a flat finish, which is perfect for the frames!).

I think these frames look great!  I painted all of these except the memo board and 2 larger picture frames.

frames waiting to be painted, and waiting for artwork
I even took an old white poster frame (which had a nasty pink-toned matt) and I painted the frame with the Pure Black paint and then I used Folk Art's White paint and painted over the nasty pink matting (similar to the nasty faded-green tone in this other frame awaiting painting).

I ended up using the newly painted matting and frame to frame a map from an old atlas.

I think it turned out awesome -it's even hard to tell it's a crappy, cheap, plastic frame!  Gotta love simple, easy, and cheap makeovers with big impacts!

My newly framed map page

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