Sunday, March 25, 2012

A couple of other quick uses for leftover scrapbook paper

Peanut can upcycled into a pen caddy
I needed a few things to help me organize my desk at work last year.  I didn't have much money and needed to get creative in order to create a few items that would work for me.

I needed a couple of pencil holders and ended up grabbing an empty peanut can and I also found a nice lidded can that originally held plant seeds.  Both items were destined for the recycling bin.  Then I also needed a way to organize a few files on my desk, so I found a metal organizer at my local Goodwill Store (which I try and shop at whenever I need items for my home or office - before I go to regular retail stores!).  While at Goodwill, I also found a nifty little cardboard drawer set (perfect for holding my chapstick, paper clips, and other little items since I don't have a desk drawer ).  The little drawer set was covered in a red and black/Asian theme which didn't work with my preferred color scheme.

Once I had all the desk items I needed, I wanted to have them look coordinated instead of looking like a bunch of garbage that should have been tossed out.  I initially decided to paint them.  I did end up painting the metal file organizer black with flecks of teal, but I found it rather boring looking.  So then, I decided that I would decoupage them with some coordinating scrapbook paper scraps (I certainly had PLENTY of scraps to choose from!).

File Organizer painted black with flecks of teal.
I ended up finding a very cheery set of papers which had the colors: lime green, aqua/teal, and blue.  I cut the various papers to fit the cans and glued them down using Modge-podge glue.  Then I cut out some of the cute flowers from one of the coordinating papers and glued them on as well.
I really love the look I ended up with!!  It's a bit young perhaps - but it added a nice feeling of fun and vibrancy to my desk at work (and believe me, my sad desk needed it!).  This little project has motivated me to look for other items to decoupage,  I just need to find the time!

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