Friday, March 9, 2012

I love this orYANY purse!

I found (or recovered - teehee) this purse for $12 at the local Goodwill Industries.  I loved it for it's fun colors inside and out (inside it's a lime green, outside is a bright aqua).  It's leather and has a bunch of wonderful details including a chain and clasp.  It has multiple pockets inside (which I adore!), and has 2 handles plus a shoulder-strap.  It's big enough to hold all of my stuff (which I will admit, is a lot!), but not too big (like hobo bags).

I looked inside and found out that it is an "OrYANY" purse - which I admit, I have never heard of.  After doing a bit of research, it appears that the brand OrYANY is a very nice brand which is carried at nicer retail shops (for example Nordstroms).  Is this purse an original? I don't know.. but based on the quality of the leather and the high number of quality details, I believe it is. 

I just love it when I find such a great bargain!!!   My daughter thinks I should post the purse on E-bay and "make some moolah".  Personally, I just love having and using it!  It's perfect for my needs and I get a lot of compliments whenever I use it.

My thanks to whomever donated the purse to Goodwill!!  I LOVE my new purse!

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