Tuesday, March 6, 2012

World Globe Lampshade (reposting from my old blog Giftbaskets4fun)

I was going through my shop and my craft areas and found quite a few vintage world globes.  I had originally bought them with the idea of making them into lampshades for friends and family (over 10 years ago).  I had made myself a pair to put in my living room, but the rest have been sitting and waiting for me to work on.

I have finally started working on them again (hooray!).  I just finished one lampshade and have posted it on Etsy for sale.  I like how it turned out and am excited to work on some more (I have several different colors of globes and a couple of different sizes as well - next will be a brown-colored globe). 

Thinking about other ways to use the globes, I realized I could make the bottom portion of the globes (which I do not use for lampshades) into bowls.  So keep an eye open for an upcomming post about the bowls.  Who knows, if they turn out well, I may try selling them on Etsy as well. :)

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