Monday, April 2, 2012

A "New" Bedroom and a Peace Sign or Two

My daughter wanted to re-do her bedroom.  She had a lovely daybed (which I found at a 2nd hand store) but she wanted (begged for actually) a bunk bed so she could have friends spend the night (and I thought it was a swell idea because right now when she has friends stay overnight, they invade my living room forcing me to vacate to my bedroom for my own sanity's sake).

Reading on the Sofa/Futon
We found a nice bunk bed on Craigslist (love them!).  Her bedroom is pretty small and this bunk bed has a futon/sofa on the bottom that converts to a full-size bed when she has sleepovers.   We love it because it provides her with a place to sit and relax but didn't require any additional floorspace.
The hutch was originally brown

I also found a brown desk hutch on the side of the road one day and brought it home.  I painted it white to match her desk (which was my grandmother's vanity that I also painted white).  I did acquiesce to buying a couple of new items deemed "critical" by her (including some bedding and a couple of zebra-striped accessories), but most of her "decorations" were things that I found at garage sales or thrift shops and either repainted or re-purposed to work with her new color scheme (which is violet-purples, bright raspberry pinks, and black&white zebra stripes --- all mixed in with Peace Signs).

The color on the rose garland was freshened up with acrylic paints

The rose garland above her closet was originally a VERY pale beigy-pink with brown/green leaves.  I used acrylic paints mixed with water to refresh the colors - so the pinks really pop now and match her bedroom.  

The overall look of  her room is not what I was originally hoping for (I was thinking black and white with pops of shocking pink - with a sort of french/feminine theme)... but she LOVES it and that's what is important.

My Peace-sign Painting
One of her favorite art pieces (and mine too) is the Peace Sign I painted with acrylic paints.  I was originally just playing around with different painting techniques, but it ended up pretty nice-looking and matched her room pretty well - so we decided to frame it and put it up in her room.

The frame is one I found at Goodwill - but it was originally a weird silver/gold color.  I painted it my favorite flat-black and it looks awesome!  I had to find a piece of glass to fit (and thankfully I had a  old frame that was broken, so I salvaged the glass from it).  And I even found white matting from another old frame.  I think the overall final framed piece looks pretty good - and is a nice addition to her room.

One of the final touches for her room is a door-hanging of plastic beads.  I found it at a garage sale when she was a baby and decided that it was too dangerous to put up then.  When I was going through stuff for her room, I found it buried in her closet - I pulled it out and taaa-daaa....   she loved it!

The view into my daughter's bedroom (did I mention she LOVES the beads!?)
There are still a few things I'd love to do (for instance I'd like to paint the dresser white) - but she's happy with the room as it is and since it's her room... I'm ok with that.  Besides, I'm now onto other projects in the house.  Hmmm... re-do the craft area or fireplace mantle?  It's so hard to know what I should do next!

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