Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dress too small? Make an instant skirt

My daughter has a dress that she and I both LOVED.  Unfortunately, she has grown out of it (it's too tight across the shoulders and chest).  What to do?? It has such a fun pattern and in such a fun set of colors.  I could have given it to one of her cousins or friends, or I could have donated it to Goodwill or some other non-profit (and I usually choose one of those options).  This time though, I decided that it was just too beloved to part with.

This dress just happens to be easy to change into a skirt.  It literally was just a matter of cutting the dress off at the armpits.

I then simply rolled the cut-edge twice (towards the inside of the garment).  Then quickly sewed a the newly-formed hem.

Ta-daaa.......   instant skirt!  So cute and now she can wear it for another couple of years.  Now I just need to figure out if I can find a use for the top.  I would have made it into a shrug for her, except it's too small (darn!).

This turned out so well that I'm thinking about doing a similar treatment to another dress that is too small for her (which is why my sewing pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger).

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