Friday, April 13, 2012

Update to the Globe Lampshade Post (repost from my old blog Giftbaskets4fun)

Sold 4/12/12 on Etsy
The blue world-globe lampshade sold today and I'm thrilled it's heading off to a new home!

I have also created a new globe lampshade (this time, I used a tan/brown globe to make the lampshade).  My other blog ( has more information and pictures.

Newly listed at Etsy

** Soon I will be moving this blog over to my Re-Covered Treasures blog since it is somewhat redundant to have 2 blogs for what is essentially one company.  Thank you so much for reading this blog and I hope you will continue to read my posts on my re-coveredtreasures blog!

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  1. Since lampshades and lamp bases are often sold together we often don't give much thought to shades. But the lampshade can have as much impact on the room it's in as the base.


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