Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Craft - Photo Holder

So my daughter wanted to make me something for Mother's Day ... and who am I to deny her the opportunity to learn some new skills while making me a gift?!   We chose a craft for her to do from the book "Easy Fun Projects with Newspapers, Magazines, and Catalogs" by Jo Packham.

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My personal goal was to create this project with items we already had around the house.  We ended up using scrap paper, tape, deckle-edged scissors, and stickers from my scrapbook supplies, plus we used a spare school picture of my daughter (so didn't need to print off a new picture).  We even found a chunk of wood in the wood bin that just needed to be cut in half.  The best part was that she did it all herself, except drilling the hole for the wire, and bending the wire (which was hard for her to do without getting poked by the wire).

So we started with these items:

The main supplies used for the Photo Holder Craft Project
And then ended up with this:

The finished project
A very proud daughter!

 Not bad for a couple of scraps of paper, some stickers, and a spare block of wood! 
She was so excited to do it herself, that she's now bugging me to do another project (perhaps I've created a monster?  But I LOVE that she has become interested in doing arts and crafts with me - what a great way to bond!). 

Happy Mother's Day to all you great mommies, step-mommies, and substitute-mommies!!! You're all so awesome and SOOO important to the children in your lives!  Thank you!

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