Monday, July 2, 2012

World Globe Lampshades and Bowls

Well I am just thrilled to have sold another lampshade (made from a world-globe) on Etsy (you can see my current stock at !  I hope the new owners love them as much as I do!!

Newest Lampshade with a neutral hemp-ish looking trim

I've got 3 more in production - and at least one will be a more masculine version.  I've had several requests for shades without beads --- but making them "masculine" isn't all that easy.  I finally found some trim that looks good on the globe lampshade (trust me - the lampshades don't look right without some kind of trim/adornment finishing the cut edges!).

First, I found a nice faux-leather trim in black - very masculine (and will be attempting to use that on a different lampshade).  And then I found a nice hemp-looking trim with a little more detail (but no beads!) in a couple of nice neutral beige colors.  So I think I'll do 2 shades - one with the hemp-look and one with the faux-leather. For now, I have the lampshade with the hempish-looking trim completed.

Potential bases for the World Globe Bowls
My newest project is to use the bottom portion of the World Globes to make bowls.  I have pondered what kind of base to use - and have come up with an interesting variety (using my favorite resource providers: Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul).  I ended up finding some neat little bowls (which you can turn upside down), a couple of soap dishes (which can be used right-side up OR upside down), some wooden bases for pillar candles, and of course - the bases from the World Globes themselves (some of them are beautiful - although I have to admit, most are kinda blah).   The base I used for my first bowl is in the middle on the right - but it was a bit dinged up, so I ended up painting it black to give it a nice overall look.

The inside of the newly-painted World Globe Bowl
For the insides of my first bowl, I ended up spray-painting the inside of the bowl white and it is NOT my favorite method of painting!

Not only does paint spray everywhere (which means you have to spend a lot of extra time prepping the bowl to make sure paint isn't able to get to the map-side of the bowl), but the spray paint actually highlighted a lot of the imperfections from when the World Globe was manufactured - plus it caught every mote of dust and stuck it to the surface.

SO lesson learned.... a different method of painting the inside is required.  (next time I may try silver or gold-leafing the inside). This project was supposed to be simple - a sort of  "use up the left-overs" type of project - ironically, dealing with the World Globe left-overs takes a LOT more time (and effort!) to finish than the original lampshades takes to make!  Perhaps I should change my personal motto to: "why do it the easy way, when you can make it so much harder by doing it the Becky way?"... hehehe.
My first, finished World Globe Bowl

Overall, I think the bowl turned out really cute (and I just LOVE the base of the bowl - which is a pillar-candle-holder turned upside down!).

Both the lampshade and the bowl will soon be available through our Etsy store (

I have so many ideas, I can't wait to see how they all turn out.  FYI, for those of you hitting my Mardi Gras Masks posts - I think my next post should be about a couple of new masks I made.    :)

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