Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Sad Ebay Shopper!

Well friends, I am one sad Ebay shopper.  I decided a month or so ago, to indulge and shop on Ebay to get a variety of things I needed for my arts and crafts.  I carefully checked the listing's descriptions and seller ratings. I wouldn't bid on anything with over-inflated shipping (or prices!).  I stuck to my guns and only bid or bought things that were appropriate prices and didn't get caught up in any bidding wars.
Supposed to be 3 lbs
I did all the things, you're supposed to do and I still ended up with a BUNCH of horrible experiences. Out of the last 20 purchases (yes 20!  I told you I was indulging!), 6 items were not as they were supposed to be. 

Some were broken (listed in "excellent" condition), several misrepresentations of how many items I was receiving (example supposed to receive 3 lbs and only received 1 lb -which is QUITE a big difference!), one sent me someone else's order and wanted me to ship it to their customer for them (um NO!), and a couple - (to be fair) of misunderstandings (I didn't read close enough, but they didn't explain clearly).  That works out to 33% (or 1/3) of my purchases being an unwelcome problem!
Look close and see the broken earrings

Now at first I thought it was just me, but I've been in contact with some of my friends and they told me that they too, were having problems with their Ebay purchases... and their percentages were higher (55% and 38% wrong/bad orders).    From what I've been reading, Ebay is getting a lot worse about having scammers selling items and Ebay doesn't seem to be doing much about it. 

It's sad because Ebay was originally started as a way for people to get rid of their unwanted items while making a few bucks.   It used to be fun, now it's more of a nightmare.  I've just started selling again on Ebay, but now I'm rethinking whether or not I want to be involved with them anymore (if buying from them is treacherous, what kind of problems could I have selling on Ebay?). 

It's really a shame because the bad experiences are hiding the good ones (I had a lovely conversation with a very nice gentleman selling buttons).  I'm not sure how many more chances I'm willing to take - but that means I will need to find other inexpensive options for the sorts of supplies I need. 
What to do, what to do?! hmmmm..... this will require a LOT more thought!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buttons, Buttons, and more Buttons! (yes please!!)

A variety of vintage buttons (lot 1)


 I have started a new project or two and needed buttons.  

Awesome! I've been DYING to find a way to use all the buttons I inherited from my mother and grandmother (I probably have 5+ pounds!).  



Part way into my project and I realize "I don't have enough buttons!"... omg how is that possible??!!  

Yes, another lot of buttons! (lot 6)

What is a button-loving, (apparently obsessive-compulsive) button-needy person to do?  Shop on E-bay of course!!  


 Now I have about 8 more POUNDS of buttons (ok it's probably more like 9+ pounds) winging their way to me from various places around the U.S. - and England too (how cool do English buttons sound!?).  Now I just need to find a way to stop coveting more (and trust me, there are a LOT more buttons available!).



Oh and did I mention I bought rhinestones too (I mean you gotta have some bling in your craft projects - right?).

3 pounds of vintage buttons (lot 4)

I think I need to stop now - but there are SO many fabulous lots of buttons ... oh my.   I guess it's time to start thinking of more ways to use buttons!  







5 new pounds of buttons! (lot 2)

Check back later, I'll be sure to post a project or two!

My new British buttons (lot 3)


Vintage Rhinestones