Friday, November 9, 2012

Flea Markets versus Etsy?

I am having so much fun shopping for things to sell on Etsy (or at a local flea market)!  I'm currently struggling to figure out which option is better-suited for my business.  I've been doing Etsy for a while now and it's been OK.  I've sold some things.. but not a ton.  So I am wondering if a different venue might be better for my products.   So I'm toying with the idea of doing a flea market or holiday show...which coincides with my love of shopping. :)

Love these powder-blue Lanterns!
I love shopping at the local thrift stores and finding treasures to resell or (even better) to up-cycle into something new!!

My latest findings include some neat older metal boxes (like library files and cash boxes) and a fun pair of powder-blue train lanterns (which I LOVE!!! and hate to sell, but I don't have room to keep. sigh).

I just posted the lanterns on Etsy and will post the boxes when I pretty them up a bit.   My latest adventure is checking out the local flea markets (which is so much fun and inspires so many new and exciting ideas!!).  I am loving some of the new shows on TV that deal with that same subject (going to flea markets and/or finding antiques).  One of my current favorites is Market Warriors on PBS (which usually follows another old favorite - The Antique Roadshow). These shows inspire me to want find my own special treasures!

I am wondering if I have enough daring (and products) to have my own stall at a local flea market?!  So with that idea in mind, I'm using that as an excuse to go and check out all of the local fleas and craft fairs.

I went to one at the Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED!!!  Affordable and appropriate for what I want to sell (and I highly recommend it as a place to shop as well!!).  I also went to one in Monroe, WA at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds called The Ruffles and Rust Flea Market and it was a bit pricy to be a vendor there (and a bit pricey to shop there!), but they had a huge selection of fabulous stuff - although it was less a flea-market and more like a bunch of real shops that had temporarily set up inside the building.

This weekend I'm heading down to Puyallup, WA  (pronounced pew-al-up) for a Flea Market held by Junk Salvation (Nov. 9th & 10th, at the South Hill Mall Campus) and if I have time, I want to check out the Girlfriend's Holiday Market down in Lacey, WA as well.

If anyone has any other wonderful flea markets, I'd love to hear about them!! Or if you have advice about which ones are better to be a vendor at, I'd love to hear that as well!

Have a great weekend - and happy Veteran's Day to all of the Veterans out there!!!!

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