Thursday, March 22, 2012

Portable Card-Making Box

Some of my scrap book left-overs
Do you have a lot of  left-over paper from scrap booking?   If so, then you're probably aware how easily they can be turned into greeting cards, but do you take the time to do so?

I love to scrap book and end up with TONS of small scraps of paper which I try to use up doing my scrap booking.  However, I still end up with a lot of scraps and after doing a page or two or three with the same papers, I get tired of trying to incorporate my left-overs.  Instead I do a quick sort (patterned scraps vs solid-colored scraps), and then stick them into baggies and throw them into my portable card-making box.
Ikea Box
I found my box at IKEA (love them!).  My card-making box is is big enough to hold a large selection of small paper scraps, a good selection of card made from card stock or scrap booking paper, some scrap booking tools (like scissors, glue, pens), and a bunch of accessories (including: some white silk flowers which I can color with chalks or ink pens, chalks, a few stickers - mostly with pre-printed sentiments on them like "Happy Birthday" or "Thank-You", and a variety of ribbons).  I keep everything in clear baggies which not only helps keep things organized and clean, but also makes it easy to find the item I am looking for.  Right now I actually have too many things stuffed into the box and will either have to do some careful editing or I'll have to find a bigger box.