Friday, April 13, 2012

Update to the Globe Lampshade Post (repost from my old blog Giftbaskets4fun)

Sold 4/12/12 on Etsy
The blue world-globe lampshade sold today and I'm thrilled it's heading off to a new home!

I have also created a new globe lampshade (this time, I used a tan/brown globe to make the lampshade).  My other blog ( has more information and pictures.

Newly listed at Etsy

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Another Lampshade Sold, Another Lampshade Made

I am thrilled to have sold another lampshade.  The one that sold was in a blue-color theme, with silver trim and clear/crystalline beading (it is very similar to the ones I have in my house).

Gluing the beading onto the lampshade
For sale now on Etsy
Happily, I have just finished working on a new lampshade to sell.  This time I used a brown-colored globe to create the lampshade.  For this lampshade, I cut the globe in half along the equator.  Added gold metallic paint to the cut edge (to seal the edge and give it a more finished look).  Then I glued on a thin dark-gold trim to the outer surface of the cut-edge (which also adds to a more finished look).

I made sure that the original disk from the top of the globe (which come on most globes and indicate time line divination's) was glued on to the top of the globe.

The finished lampshade on a lamp
Just sold on Etsy
I finished the lampshade by adding a beautiful string of beads to the inside surface of the cut edge.  I've had the beading for a while and was hoping to find a globe to match it with - which I think this globe does perfectly!!   I really love how the lampshade turned out!! The beading makes it look quite elegant (and I'm tempted to keep it for myself - but I don't really need another one in my house since I already have two of them!).

One of my lampshades in my house

Making these lampshades is a lot of fun and I just love how unique each one is.

If you're interested in the brown lampshade, please see my listing at
If you were wanting a globe lampshade in a different color or size, please shoot me an email and I will see if I can find a globe that would fit your needs (used world globes are becoming harder to find, so it is not always easy to match a specific color, but I will try!).