Monday, November 12, 2012

Did You Break Into My Van At The Antique Show At Puyallup Fairgrounds?

This post is dedicated to you, you mean-spirited thief! 

I hope you're feeling ASHAMED and SUPER-STUPID right now!  You broke into my van  - and IF you had really been paying attention, you would have skipped it because it was pretty obvious we don't have a lot of money or things to steal.  But  congratulations, you managed to pick my van to steal from and as horrible as it is to have my van broken into, it's pretty amazing that the things you chose to steal all had little financial value!   Those things include:
  1. An old, leather coat - torn in several places (and sewn up several times!) and worth NOTHING to you, but was like an old friend to me and kept me warm.
  2. A makeup case - filled with used makeup and worth NOTHING.
  3. A 2nd makeup case - filled with band-aids, toothpaste & toothbrush, and worth NOTHING.
  4. A plastic sack I kept filled with a few card-making supplies - and worth NOTHING.
  5. A tote-bag that I spent a great deal of time personalizing and included a business folder and notebook.  It was full of sentimental value to me because I have been working hard at getting my business up and running (trying to make money in an HONEST way!).  I am sad to see it gone..... and it is worth NOTHING to you.
  6. An old wicker basket containing used coloring books - and worth very little (the police and I assume you grabbed it to hold the other items you stole from me). 
  7. An old MP3 player.  Ok you probably can sell it for a few bucks, but it's OLD and I doubt you'll get much for it.
  8. An old cell phone - and this one is the one that pisses me off the most.  It is worth VERY LITTLE to you... it was my child's - she used it as a TOY!  It HAS NO SERVICE and NO SIM CARD!   You can not make a call with it, and the IMEI will be blocked so you can NEVER set it up with service.  You should feel very bad about this one because you hurt a child who had never done anything to deserve to be hurt like that.  A child who doesn't have a lot of fancy things or money, but who happily and willingly helps others whenever they can.  
Now I've actually had it suggested to me that you were desperately hungry and looking for a way to make some money to buy food with, but I know differently!  I KNOW you weren't hungry and looking for food!!  Why?  Because you left the drawer open on the passenger side, front seat -- a drawer that is STILL FULL of granola and nut bars!  You took a frigging makeup bag with used makeup, but you left the food??  NO - you weren't hungry.
Your choices of what you stole leave me somewhat baffled because you left a lot of other things (cd's, phone-chargers, umbrellas, earbuds, etc).  I like to think that a Guardian Angel was watching over our van and guiding your poor decisions.

My child and I talked, and after we calmed down and decided that our losses were very sad for sentimental reasons.  But mostly we feel bad for you.  You made a horrible personal choice to steal and then made some pretty dumb decisions about what to steal.  I'm not sure how you sleep at night with all the guilt you must carry around with you.  You are obviously in need of a lot of help. 

We know that you WILL get what you deserve at some point in your life, and you will have to answer to God when your life is over.  We will pray for you and for your soul.  And more than that, we forgive you for your poor life-choices because that is what Jesus asks us to do when someone wrongs us.   

So mister or miss thief, I ask you to please return those things that you took that have no value to you but are beloved to us.  Please return them and then please find a way to get help for yourself.