Friday, January 4, 2013

Re-Imagined Clipboards Update

Clipboards #2, 3, 5, and 4 (starting clockwise from the top left)
A quick update to my post about my Re-Imagined Clipboards.... and I can't believe I left this off (probably due to late-night timing of my posting!).   Sooo... here's the update:

Not only are these clipboards "green" because they are almost entirely crafted from recycled items, but they also are made with the intent of honoring Breast Cancer Awareness! 

My mother passed away in 1998 after an almost 10 year battle with breast cancer.  So Breast Cancer Awareness is very near and dear to my heart!   On every Re-Imagined Clipboard I make, I have placed a small pink bead in honor of my mom and Breast Cancer Awareness. 

The arrow points to the bead on clipboard #4
In addition, when I am ready to sell my Re-Imagined Clipboards from my Etsy store (ReCoveredTreasures4U) - I will be donating a percentage of every sale to the Susan G Komen Foundation (a VERY worthwhile charity - I highly recommend donating to it, or to the American Cancer Society!  With your help, we can wipe out cancer in our lifetime!).

Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog and if you or someone you know is fighting cancer - my prayers are with you! 

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