Friday, May 24, 2013

Working on my booth set-up and review of Costco's Undercover 10x10 canopy

I am so excited! (I've been saying that a lot lately - isn't that great!?)

I will be standing between the tables and the ladders, and
yes! All the tables will have coverings and the ladders will
be painted (probably blue or white)

I received my Undercover 10x10 White Canopy from Costco via UPS today! 

Of course, I just HAD to go set it up.  First I tried in my front yard and ended up whacking (and breaking) some of my favorite Iris's so I had to move.  Finally I ended up on the slight hill next to my garage.

I did take my tables and a few display pieces out to play around with basic layout - here are a few of my options:

This is my real favorite, but I think it would be easy for
customers to feel trapped
So the positive things about the canopy are:
  • Relatively easy set-up (I did it all by myself twice - both times less than 15 minutes - and that includes the initial set-up).
  • Nice roller-bag with big pockets to hold the side-walls
  • 4 Side walls were included
  • Height of legs has at least 2 settings (maybe more, but the 2nd one was more than high enough for me to walk under comfortably)
  • Nice no-pinch features
  •  Instructions included a 1-man set-up flyer

And now for the less pleasant aspects:
  • The instructions DIDN'T include how to initially set-up the canopy -- meaning it came with the tent/canopy part seperate from the framework and no directions on how to easily put it on
  • There are snaps mid-strut on all 4 sides to snap the canopy to the frame and nothing was mentioned about that at all (luckily I've done a lot of camping and am pretty handy so I figured it out pretty easy - but I think some people might miss that part)
  • No instructions on how to attach the walls.  YES, they attach to the canopy with velcro - but they don't appear to line up nicely and they don't seem to quite meet at the edges where the sides can zip together.  I didn't have time to play with that.
  • Take-down is basically in reverse of set-up but nothing much talks about that either
  • You do have to be a bit flexible during setup if you are setting it up alone.  You end up doing quite a bit of climbing underneath the struts to get the canopy to open.
  • If you look closely, you can see that my ladders are two
    different heights (I'll be cutting one down later)
  • And last, but not least - it is sad that for $200+, Costco or Undercover didn't waterproof the canopy itself.  The walls are a different fabric (more of a tarp-type) than the canopy (which is more of a canvas).  So I will be buying a few cans of Scotch-guard when I get the time!

Now I just need to get my table coverings done (and about a million other things) and the booth should look pretty darned nice if I do say so myself!  :) Stay tuned for more updates!

I think I like this best, People can see everything and won't feel
trapped - but are still protected from the Seattle-rain


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