Wednesday, June 19, 2013

North Bend Farmer's Market

Hello Everyone,

My banner kept flapping in the wind (I've since added buttons to each letter/flag)   

2 weeks ago, I had my first farmer's market and enjoyed it thoroughly!!  I learned a LOT! 
It was slow, not well advertised, and rained... but I was glad because it gave me a chance to figure out what was working (my display got a lot of attention) and what was not (my pricing/signs were confusing). 

So after reworking a few things and dealing with a lot of other things in my "real" life, I am ready for tomorrow's Farmer's Market in North Bend.
My step-momma came and helped - she was FABULOUS!!!

It may rain, it may be slow, and I may be late getting there (my "real" life is interrupting me yet again).  But I have no doubt, it will be another fun learning experience. 

I hope to see you there!!  North Bend Farmer's Market, 4pm-8pm Si View Park, North Bend, WA.

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