Friday, November 1, 2013

What to do with vintage metal pencil sharpeners and other odd items?

What do you do when someone you care about, gives you a bunch of items they don't want (and really, you probably don't want either?). 

Vintage Pencil Sharpeners

Well, I (unfortunately) can't seem to say no to these I take the stuff and then spend a long, LONG time looking at it!  But today, I came up with a few ideas - the best one being HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS!!

Pencil Sharpener Ornaments
One of the things I was given is a set of collectable metal pencil sharpeners in interesting shapes (coffee grinder, bi-plane, wishing well, telephone, etc).  I've looked them up on Ebay and they really aren't worth much.  So I thought - why not paint or decorate them and use them as Holiday ornaments??  Perfect!  I took a few and hand-painted them white.  I think they turned out quite nice - and are a fun addition to the tree!  Perhaps the next set, I'll dip or paint with bright holiday colors (fire engine red, or lime green?).  

Nat'l Geographic Game
The other thing I was given was a National Geographic Game with missing pieces (don't ya hate that?!).  I couldn't really can't see a use for most of the game, but there are a couple of parts to the game that I immediately thought would be fun to play with.  The first item I am saving for later is a map - which is ALWAYS a fun item to have... you can decoupage things with it, cut it up and print on it, or even actually use it as a map (what a nifty idea!). 

But my favorite part is the game pieces themselves.  They are pentagonal in shape and each piece has a section of map on it.  I have two ideas that came to me right away - coasters, or ornaments (which is my personal go-to-idea for odd items).  So first I matched up pieces so that they had same color pieces front and back, and then glued them together and weighted them down (with the above box of metal pencil sharpeners - it's heavy!) while they dried.   So now I can use them as coasters if I want to... but I don't.  :)   I prefer ornaments!!
Nat'l Geographic Ornament

To make them into ornaments, I punched a hole at the "top" of each ornament.  Then I took Stickles glitter glue (my absolute favorite glitter glue - I can NOT get enough of it!), and edged the ornaments with the glitter glue - covering the edges and a little bit over the edges front and back.  In this case, I used a gold glitter so that it will match nicely with the gold ribbons I plan on using. I also used a thin aqua-colored ribbon as the hanger and left the tails dangling for added interest.  Then because I thought it wasn't quite fancy enough, I added a string of faux-pearl beads.  I adore how they turned out!  My daughter liked them enough she told me I had to keep one for our tree. 

Now off to my next project - which is finishing my hand-painted, recycled-silk holiday cards.  Just in time for tomorrow's Holiday Bazaar at Eastlake High School.  Stop by if you get the chance!! I'd love to chat!   Oh, and mention my blog or Facebook post and receive 10% off your purchase from my booth.  Happy Crafting!!

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