Friday, May 3, 2013

Second Item for Craft Shows - a Utility Apron

I'm continuing to work on items needed to be in a craft show, flea market, or farmer's market.  My list of desired items seems to be never-ending!!  Here's a partial list of current need and wants:

  • 6 ft tables (I have a couple of 4 ft rectangles and 4 ft squares)
  • Creative (and pretty) table-coverings
  • Display pieces to hold my items for sale (mostly done - see the previous post "Spray-Painted Display Items for a Show Booth")
  • Curtains/Sheers to hang from the outside of the canopy/tent and add color/flair (also mostly done - still need bright aqua/teal)
  • A white canopy/booth (a must-have for inclement weather!).  I've got my eye on a lovely one from Costco, but have to do a bit of saving before I'm able to purchase one.
  • A burlap banner of some sort.  I've seen a ton on Pinterest (which you can see on my Pinterest board "Items for a Craft Show or Farmers Market Setup and Displays" or my Pinterest board "Show Booth Displays" ).  I just love the look of the banners!!  (I will be doing a post on this soon!)
  • A lot of products to sell.  (I have some, but need to complete a LOT more!)
  • A couple of utility/show aprons (also seen on Pinterest) - and which I've completed and will show you below!

As I mentioned in the list, I've about completed the display items and my curtain collection (whew!).  And I've just finished making my aprons.  I saw a couple of posts on Pinterest about aprons being used instead of having a cash-box.  That way, you can wear your money and not worry about it being taken by sticky-fingers.  It also prevents you accidentally losing the box somehow (which I have a feeling I could easily do!).


I found this great post by Sugar Bee Crafts (  They have step-by-step instructions for making these aprons.
Picture courtesy  of

I had lots of fabric to choose from and made this apron first.  I chose periwinkle and lavendar-blues because they are my favorites.  I also made it bigger than  SugarBee's plans because I am a bit.. um.. bigger.. than they are.  But as you can see from the picture of my daughter, it works fine on a smaller figure too.
Once I had completed this one (which really didn't take too much time considering I have rather rusty sewing skills!), I decided to make aprons to go with each of my accent color-schemes.

Here are the other aprons I made (and I love all of them too!!).  I chose to add vintage buttons to the 2 big pockets.  I think they add a bit of fun and flair - plus help secure the pockets where the money would be kept.
A few quick notes:

  • Most of these aprons were backed with fabric that used to be curtains.  I just adore reusing things!  
  • I did use an iron-in lining with all of the aprons main bodies and pockets.  But this does make for very thick fabrics to sew through and very stiff aprons (although they will probably soften over time with use and washings).  If your fabric is already thick/stiff - you could skip the lining.
  •  The aqua and lime plaid is actually an from an old table cloth - again - look at non-traditional items when looking for inexpensive fabrics.  The thrift stores have lovely curtains, table clothes, and bedding - all of which are excellent sources for fabric!
  • Buttons of any kind or size would work.  I ended up putting my button-holes in AFTER I had sewn the whole apron together.  (I was worried that if I put the button-holes in before I sewed it up, that they would be in the wrong places).  Because the aprons are large, the pockets were able to have button-holes sewn in them in spite of them being already attached to the aprons.
After all of these pictures were taken, I so loved the buttons, that I went back to my original apron and added buttons to it too!

Once I had made a few of these aprons, I decided I needed one with more pockets (if you look closely at the pink-colored apron, you can see a 3rd, smaller row of pockets).  I thought it would be great for small craft tools - and I use it for arts and crafts and LOVE it!

I hope you find these aprons inspiring!  They are fun to do and don't take a lot of time.  Let me know if you have any questions - I'd love to help you if I can!

FYI - My next post will be about creating a burlap banner for my show booth.