Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'll never go back to plastic for painting (at least at home)!

As a self-professed queen (or perhaps princess) of recycling and upcycling, I LOVE it when I find a new use for tossed-out items.  And I LOVE IT even more, when my idea far-exceeds my expectations!

 My saki cups in a mini-muffin tin

Case-in-point... my beloved saki cups and other white, ceramic items (like mini-plates).  The saki cups started my now-obsession with white ceramic items to be used as holders and mixing-cups for paints.  Their only downfall is that they are breakable - and they are heavy, so packing them for traveling is difficult (although I do pack them when I go on artist retreats!).
Little ceramic plates & bowls

My latest addition, a deviled-egg tray
Why ceramic?  Because it cleans like a dream!!  My silk dyes and watercolors easily rinse out (no scrubbing needed).  And even better - my acrylics just wipe out (even dried-on!!). LOVE THEM! 
To make them extra-steady (and easy to move around on my table), I put them all in a mini-muffin tin.  I decided I needed a couple of mixing trays and ended up with a nice variety of little white-colored plates which are great - especially for mixing acrylics. 

THEN I found the white-colored, deviled-egg tray!  PERFECT for mixing small amounts of silk dye or watercolors!!  LOVE IT!! 

A small selection of various recycled items I'm using.
Not only does the ceramic clean up beautifully, but because it's white, you can see the actual colors of the paints and dyes!  And while ceramic is really too heavy to travel with, it is perfect for home-use because it's harder to knock over and spill! 

So now I have a fabulous set of white ceramics to use with my paints and dyes.   FYI, while I found the saki cups at a thrift store, I have also seen them for-sale at Uwajimayas.

Now I'm off to work on my next silk painting!
ttfn (ta ta for now!)

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