Customizable Gifts for Sale

  I am having a great deal of fun creating a variety of different items as well as  artwork on silk!

I am currently making bowls and lampshades using vintage World globes.  If you have a specific color or style, please contact me at  and I will do my
                                        best to accommodate your wishes.

These are a few that I either have on Etsy, or should be putting on Etsy soon.



In addition to World Globe items, I have begun selling silk artwork. 
Here is a small sample of hand-painted, silk on seasonal greeting cards which I made for the 2013 holiday season.  Several were framed, to be used as wall-art.

Please see my artist page for further information about my artwork!

If you are interested in ordering any of my items or artwork, OR if you have any other questions - please contact us at:

You can also contact us or request a custom-made item through our shop

Thank you so much for your interest in my Blog, Artwork, and in my upcycled products-for-sale!